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Louise Botham
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We are a professional training provider in all aspects of First Aid, Safe-guarding and Mental Health First Aid.
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We have a wealth of experience working in primary schools, community centres and after school clubs, working with children from as young as 3 up to secondary school age.

We make each course age-appropriate, tweaking the content for each year group accordingly. We use visual aids, flip chart and fun, interactive practical exercises with the latest first aid equipment.

All children are encouraged to take part in delivering CPR on a mannequin, putting each other into the recovery position, working together using a choking vest and see how this is put into action! Everyone will take part in bandaging each other correctly and treating a casualty for shock. Basic knowledge with regards to checking for breathing, ringing the emergency services and getting help are covered at all ages.

Mental health Training works really well from age 7. Again we tweak this content to be age-appropriate. We talk together about what our mental health means, how this links to our physical health, what to do if they have a worry, who would be their people to go to, and how to look after their mental health. We also look at ways we can recognise when someone else is struggling around us.

These programmes are an essential part of health education lessons within PSHE in schools across the UK. We work with schools and their busy schedules, to deliver our content effectively and professionally in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

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86 Park Grove, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
S70 1QB

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