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Are you looking for a Mini Medics course provider to deliver onsite training? Look no further.

The Mini Medics programme is flexible and each provider will have a different style of delivery. The course syllabus can be taught as a whole or it can be divided into a number of sessions, depending on your requirements. Have a look through the directory to find a local Mini Medics provider and make an enquiry.

PLEASE NOTE: Mini Medics does not employ or contract any instructors / organisations to deliver the Mini Medics programme. In no event shall Mini Medics or Nuco Training Ltd. be held liable nor responsible for any damages arising out of, or in connection with the instructors / organisations displayed on the instructor directory. All arrangements should be made directly with the instructor / organisation in question.

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Provider name: Your The Hero Training
Short Description: First Aid Training.
Postcode: ML3 6TS
Provider name: FA for kids
Short Description: Provide first aid training to young people and children
Postcode: B77 2HR
Provider name: No Accident
Short Description: Health and Safety and First Aid Training.
Postcode: PL6 8BX
Short Description: We envision communities where people from all walks of life, even in the most remote areas of the UK, have the knowledge to save lives, administer first aid and to be trained to the highest of standards.
Postcode: NP26 4HT
Provider name: Anna Kirkin Training
Short Description: Simple, effective first aid training
Postcode: BA7 7DU
Provider name: Jo Arnold-Mayes
Short Description: Able to deliver the mini medics course directly to our young people, or can train appropriate adults how to deliver this course.
Postcode: PL27 6JG
Provider name: Vital Obs Donegal
Short Description: Offering all our First Aid needs
Postcode: F92HR2C
Provider name: ABC First Response
Short Description: Never too young to learn.
Postcode: CM22 7RD
Provider name: Grampian Care Skills
Short Description: Small friendly training company offering accredited First Aid and Moving and Handling training based in Grampian Region, Scotland.
Postcode: AB41 7QA
Provider name: MedicED
Short Description: First Aid Training Provider specialising in First Aid for Children.
Postcode: S43 4RG