First Aid and Mental Health Training Courses for Children

The Mini Medics courses are a fantastic way to introduce first aid and mental health to children. Supported by Nuco Training, the UK’s largest independent professional network of First Aid and Compliance Instructors.

The courses are suitable for qualified teachers/trainers to deliver, who hold a Level 3 (or higher) subject qualification and teaching/assessing qualification.

Perfect for school teachers and trainers

The courses are great for people who teach in schools, after school clubs, sports clubs and organisations such as Cubs, Brownies and Scouts.

Resources for PSHE Lessons

Health educations lessons are now compulsory in all state-funded schools in England and this includes basic first aid and mental health training.

Essential life skills for children

The Mini Medics courses provide a good foundation for children to learn how to take care of their mental and physical health, as well as looking out for the people around them.

Mini Medics training has become very popular throughout the UK and thousands of children are now proud to call themselves “Mini Medics!”


It’s quick and easy to get started teaching the Mini Medics courses. Simply purchase the Mini Medics Trainer Pack for first aid and/or mental health training and you can start teaching the courses right away.

The Mini Medics TRAINER pack
  • Mini Medics USB flash drive (includes 3-hour and 1-hour course resources, administrative documents and marketing materials)
  • 32 x Mini Medics Student Packs (includes books, worksheets and pens or pencil sets)