To teach the course effectively, you should provide training aids in addition to the Mini Medics resources so that each learner has the opportunity to practice what they are being taught.

By all means you can deliver awareness sessions without the practical elements using only the Mini Medics resources, but we strongly recommend that you include practical as much as possible, so the learners get the best out of the training and will feel more confident to help save a life!

List of suggested supplies depending on what is being taught:

Resuscitation ManikinsIdeally, 1 manikin per 4 learners should be provided.

Manikin cleansing wipesTo disinfect the manikin faces after each use.

Face shields and pocket masksTo show the learners what they are and why they are used.

Spare manikin airwaysSo the manikin airways can be replaced at the end of each course.

AED Training Unit + training accessories: Ideally, 1 AED training unit should be provided if defibrillation is being taught.

First Aid kitFor demonstration purposes:

Sterile dressings: For the learners to practice dressing a wound.

Disposable gloves: To instil the importance of preventing cross-contamination when treating a casualty.

Please note: Most organisations and course venues are now equipped with a projector and a projector screen for training purposes, but you may need a laptop or similar device so that you can connect to the projector and run the Mini Medics PowerPoint presentation if the venue does not have this available.

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