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Are you looking for a Mini Medics course provider to deliver onsite training? Look no further.

The Mini Medics programme is flexible and each provider will have a different style of delivery. The course syllabus can be taught as a whole or it can be divided into a number of sessions, depending on your requirements. Have a look through the directory to find a local Mini Medics provider and make an enquiry.

PLEASE NOTE: Mini Medics does not employ or contract any instructors / organisations to deliver the Mini Medics programme. In no event shall Mini Medics or Nuco Training Ltd. be held liable nor responsible for any damages arising out of, or in connection with the instructors / organisations displayed on the instructor directory. All arrangements should be made directly with the instructor / organisation in question.

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Short Description: First Aid Training for Kids and Parents.
Postcode: DD7 6JX
Short Description: Train for Life.
Postcode: OX15 5AF
Provider name: Screamtraining
Website Address:
Short Description: Up skill your staff, training in a variety of areas . Make your business the safest it can be. Invest in your staff and they will look after your customers.
Postcode: BN41 1SR
Short Description: Simply Smarter First Aid Courses for all ages.
Postcode: RG26 3XS
Provider name: Fyne First Aid
Short Description: First Aid training and event cover.
Postcode: FK1 2DR
Short Description: High quality first aid and healthcare training, delivered by registered professionals.
Postcode: BN15 9UJ
Short Description: First Aid Training for All
Postcode: SL3 8NZ
Provider name: Learn to Save Lives
Short Description: Mini medics run in a fun interactive way
Postcode: BH8 9EX
Provider name: ABC First Response
Short Description: Never too young to learn.
Postcode: CM22 7RD
Provider name: Peak Training
Short Description: First Aid Training Provider offering a variety in courses - specialising in First Aid Training for children and Paediatric First Aid.
Postcode: ST10 2HN